Physics- Contact and Non-Contact forces

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  • Contact and Non-Contact Forces
    • Vector Quantity
      • Vector quantities have a magnitude and a direction
      • Lots of physical quantities are vector quantities
      • Vector quantities: force, velocity, displacement, acceleration, momentum etc.
      • Vectors are usually represented by an arrow - the length of the arrow shows the magnitude, and the direction of the arrow shows the direction of the quantity.
      • Velocity is a vector
      • Force is a vector quantity
    • Scalar Quantity
      • Some physical quantities only have magnitude and no direction. These are called scalar quantities
      • Scalar Quantities: speed, distance, mass, temperature, time, etc.
      • Speed is a scalar quantity
    • Contact forces
      • A force in which two objects have to be touching for a force to act
      • E.g. friction, air resistance, tension in ropes, normal contact force, etc.
    • Forces
      • A force is a push or a pull on an object that is caused by it interacting with something
      • All forces are either contact or non-contact forces
      • When two objects interact, there is a force produced on both objects
        • An interaction pair is a pair of forces that are equal and opposite and act on two interacting objects.
    • Non-contact forces
      • A force in which objects do not need to be touching for the force to act
      • E.g. magnetic force, gravitational force, electrostatic force, etc.


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