Leaving Cert Biology: Food

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  • Food
    • carbohydrates
      • monosaccarides: glucose, froctose
      • Disaccharides: sucrose,   maaltose, lactose.
      • Polysaccharides: starch, cellulose, glycogen.
    • Tests
      • Reducing Sugars:    DENEDICTS TEST.   Brick-Red.
      • Starch:   IODINE DROPS.   Blue-Black.
      • Fat:  BROWN PARER. Translucent  Spot.
      • Protein. SODIUM HYDROXIDE, COPPER SULFATE. Purple/ violet.
    • Vitamin
      • Water Sol.   VIT C. Found in Citrus Fruits. Forms connective tissue, helps wounds heal, bones and teeth. Def Disease is scurvy.
      • Fat Sol.  VIT D. Found in liver, fish oils, milk, egg yolk, UV light from sun. absorbs calcium from intestine for bones and teeth. Def Disease rickets.
    • Metabolic rxns
      • CATABOLIC. complex molecules broken down to sipler ones. eg. digestion, respiration.
      • ANABOLIC. Convert smaller molecules into larger ones. eg photosynthesis.
    • Lipids
      • Triglyceride. One glycerol linked with three fatty acids..
      • Phospholipids. one fatty acid replaced by a phosphate.
      • Sources: butter, margarine, olives, meat fat.
    • Proteins
      • Petide. Less than 20 aa.
      • polypeptide. More than 20 aa.
      • A protein in a long polypeptide with at least 200 amino acids. Sources : fish meat eggs.
      • Made up of amino acids. there are 20 common amino acids found in protein.
  • Made up of amino acids. there are 20 common amino acids found in protein.


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