Food Product Development Stages

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  • Food Product Development Stages
    • Concept Generation
      • Thinking stage - thinking up new ideas; looking for a gap in the market, changes that could be made to existing products.
    • Concept Screening
      • Consider all ideas, keep some and discard others that might be costly, difficult to process or do not meet the requirements of the brief.
    • Prototype Production
      • Making up examples or specimens of what the product will look like.
    • Product Testing
      • Trialing the prototypes with a range of consumers so opinion can be obtained. The opinions are used to eliminate or make refinements to the product.
    • First Production Run
      • The new product is produced for the first time as a full production run so the item can be assessed.
    • Marketing Plan
      • An advertising campaign is designed to promote the product.Decisions made where the product will be sold e.g. corner shop, supermarket
    • Product Launch
      • This is an important stage of the plan as the item is now on sale. Market monitoring the product is launched and sales figures are checked carefully


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