Health and food unit 3.1

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  • Health and food technology
    • Factors affecting food choice
      • Moral/religions
      • Health, allergies and dietary conditions
      • Technology (online shopping)
      • Food preparation skills
      • Income/budget
      • Lifestyle
      • Work patterns
        • Night shifts
      • Advertising/media
      • Nutritional knowledge
      • Accessibility/ availability
      • Peer pressure
      • Age
      • Likes/dislikes
    • Seasonality
      • Time off the year when a certain food is at its best.
      • How does seasonality affect your food choice
        • Limits. Your food choice.
        • Freshers and cheaper.
        • If consumers were aware of this then they may buy more locally grown produce
          • Reducing food miles
    • Organic produce
      • Advantages
        • Organic produce may be nutritional better.
          • Tastes better
            • Free from chemicals and pesticides
              • Less harmful to the environment
      • Disadvantages
        • More expensive
        • Appearance may be less attractive
        • No nutritional benefit is gained
    • Factory farming
      • A term used to describe a farm which operates like a factory instead of a farm.
      • Advantages
        • Food is cheaper.
        • Unaware of animal welfare
      • Disadvantages
        • Animal welfare
        • Animal diseases spreading
        • Use of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones
    • Farmers markets
      • Locally produce by farmers and usually happen monthly
      • Why consumers may choose farmers markets?
        • Fresh, local and healthy produce
        • Fewer food miles
        • Reduced packaging
        • Organic
      • Why consumers may not choose farmer markets
        • Food may be more expensive
        • Foods may not be available all year


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