Folds formed by high levels of compression

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  • Folds formed by high levels of compression
    • Domes and basins
      • Outcrop on a geological map is circular or oval
      • They are anticlines and synclines which dip in all directons
      • Top of dome eroded away
      • Because strata dip towards the centre rocks in basin are youngest
    • Overfolds
      • Characterised by having both fold limbs dipping in same direction but by different amounts
      • A result from compressional forces
      • Axial plane is inclines, overfolds can be either anticlinal or synclinal
    • Recumbent folds
      • Formed by high compressive forces
      • Rocks usually imcompetent or plastic in mountain ranges
      • Both limbs and axial plane very low angles
      • One limb of the recumbent fold is inverted
    • Nappe
      • Recumbent folds that have broken along a thrust plane
      • Movement is horizontal and part of the fold moved forward along the thrust
      • Large scale structure
    • Isoclinal folds
      • Recognised by parallel limbs nearly vertical and very tight folds
      • Axial planes are usually vertical
      • Recognised on maps by outcrops of repeated and parallel beds


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