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  • Joints are produced by tensional forces. These forces may be a result of folding, cooling or unloading rocks.
  • They give rocks a blocky appreance when they outcrop at the earths surface.
  • Joints will only form in competent rocks, these are brittle and break when put under tension.
  • Include: sandstone, limestone and grantie.
  • Joints in sedimentary rocks are usually found perpendicular to the beds.

Joints formed by folding (Tectonic Joints)

  • Produced by tension created in rocks when they are folded by earths movements.
  • Compressive forces fold the rocks but cause some of the surrounding rocks to be put under tensional pressure.
  • The rocks fracture because the outer surface of the bed is stretched more than the inner surface.
  • The rock is conpetent so does not change thickness


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