Fitness tests for strength

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  • Fitness Tests for Strength
    • Strength Endurance: UK abdominal curl
    • Maximum Strength: One rep max test
      • Subject chooses a high weight achievable in one repetition  on a specific piece of gym equipment or free weight to assess an isolated muscle's maximum strength.
        • Increase the weight until only one maximal repetition can be achieved. Ensure full recovery between repetitions to prevent fatigue.
      • Direct objective measurementisotonic maximum strength.
        • Easy procedure on accessible equipment.
          • Most muscle groups can be tested.
      • Difficult to isolate individual muscles.
        • Trial and error may induce early fatigue.
          • Good technique is essential.
            • Potential for injury performing maximal lifts.
    • Explosive Strength: Vertical jump test
      • Using a wall-mounted vertical jump board or chalked fingers, the performer marks the highest point reached with one arm outstretched.
        • With a bend and a swing of the arms, the performer will mark the highest point jumped. The difference in resting and jump height represents explosive strength.
      • Using a formula the data gained can be converted into a power output estimate.
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    • Maximum Strength: Grip strength dynamometer
      • Adjusting the grip for hand size, the participant will zero the dial and hold dynamometer with a straight arm above the head.
        • The arm is the brought down as they squeeze the grip maximally. Three attempts are recorded from the dominant and non-dominant hand.
      • Only the forearm muscles are assessed.
        • Test is not sport-specific.
      • Simple and objective measure.
        • Inexpensive equipment
          • High reliability


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