Fire Precautions Regulations 1999

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  • Fire Precautions Regulation 1999
    • Requires the employer to:
      • carry out FIRE risk assessments
      • provide and maintain fire equipment and safeguard those who work there.
      • Provide info, training and instruction to employees about fire precautions
      • maintain and test fire precautions
      • train staff
      • make improvements if needed
    • All premises are inspected by the fire brigade to ensure everything is ok
    • Fire fighting equipment:
      • fire alarms
      • fire extinguishers
        • water - most fires not including electric
        • foam - burning liquids
        • carbon dioxide - electricity fires
        • powder - same as carbon dioxide
      • Fire blanket
      • fire hose
      • Sprinkler system
      • fire doors
    • Safety Points:
      • Don't get personal belongings
      • Exit through the nearest exit
      • close windows and doors on the way
      • Do a head count/register
      • Call emergency services
      • Get away from the building
      • Don't tackle the fire yourself
      • Stay calm
      • Meet at a prearranged assembly point
    • Types of Evacuation :
      • Simultaneous - everyone clears the building when the alarm sounds
      • Phased - move to different zone then get out
      • Defend in Place - where people are about to die, stay where they are for as long as possible


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