The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996

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The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regul

Purpose: advise employers on the minimum requirements for the provision of safety signs at work.
Safety Signs have been standardised throughout the European Union, carrying the same message.  Therefore signs are easy to recognise and understand.

Warning Signs: Triangular - Black Picture&Edging - Yellow Background.
 Hazards such as toxic material e.g. flammable material, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, general danger, danger electricity, laser beam. 

Prohibition Signs: Round - Black Picture - Red Edging - White Background - Diagonal Line
Prohibits (stops) actions such as smoking, authorised access only etc..

Mandatory Signs: Round - White Picture - Blue Background.
Tell people what the MUST do e.g. wear safety googles, safety boots must be worn, etc.. 

Safe Conditioning Signs: Rectangular/Sqauare - White Picture - Green Background.
Give info about safety features e.g. fire exit, first aid box, eye wash, etc.. 

Signs must be clearly displayed & kept in good condition!!

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