Fibre Production

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  • Fibre Production
    • Cotton
      • Seed pods=bolls
        • When these ripen=boll covered in very fine cotton fibres
        • When pod bursts= cotton wool ball
      • Cotton fibres
        • Hollow tubes
        • As sun dries fibres=collapse, become flatter like a ribbon+twisted
    • Linen
      • Linen fibres come from stem of the flax plant
      • Stalk made up of bundles of fibre
      • Fibres are smooth, round, hollow centre, cross markings at regular intervals down their length
    • Wool
      • Sheep sheared+sentto mills for processing
      • Luxury wool- other animals
        • E.g- Cashmere=.    goats, mohair= Angora goats, Angora wool= Angora rabbit
        • Staple fibres
    • Silk
      • Protein fibre- comes from cocoon of the silk caterpillar
      • Catapillar spins cocoon with two triangular shaped filaments
      • Filaments held together with sericin
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