Blended, Mixed, Combining Fabrics and Fibres

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  • Blended, Mixed, Combining fibres/fabrics
    • Blended Fibres
      • This is the combination of two or more fibres spun together when the yarn is made
      • Blend fibres to make 'perfect fibre'
      • Blending is achieved by spinning two or more fibres together to make a yarn
      • better suited to the product
      • minimising negative qualities
        • fibres must be the same length
          • they can be mixed together before spun
        • filament yarns can be twisted together  to yarn
      • CORE SPUN
      • SPUN
        • 1. natural usually mixed with synthetic
        • 2. synthetic chopped down to staple
        • 3. carding/combing
        • 4. twisting
        • 5. yarn
      • main reasons for blending fibres
        • reduce cost of fabric
        • different effects/ texture in handle
        • novelty effects
        • specific qualities for end use
        • stronger fabric
        • easier care
        • crease resistant
        • allow heat setting
      • popular blends
        • ployester and cotton
          • cancel out shrinking, creasing, slow drying
          • absorbs moisture, feels nicer
        • elastomeric fibres (lycra) with other fibres
          • gives stretch
        • viscose in many blends
          • absorbent and soft
    • Mixed Fibres
      • two or more types of yarn are used when the fabric is woven
      • 2 yarns weaved together
      • this is not about improving properties but aesthetics
      • made with warp of one fibres and weft of a different fibre
        • when died, different yarns take dye differently, creating speckled look
    • Combing Fabrics
      • Fabrics can be layered and combined to improve their handle, appearance or performance
      • Interfacing
        • stitched or laminated to other fabrics
        • stiffens, gives strength
        • prevents stretching or sagging
      • Quilting
        • two or more layers sewn together
        • attractive apprearnace
        • added warmth
        • polyester wadding traps warm air
    • Laminated Fabric
      • two or more layers held together with adhesive
      • Goretex
        • WATER PROOF
        • all-weather clothing
          • breathable
          • waterproof
        • membrane system
          • keeps wind and rain out
          • allows skin to breathe and dry
          • outer layer- tiny holes that allow moisture to pass through membrane


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