Feminist views on the role of the family

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  • Feminist views on the role of the family
    • Overall Feminist View
      • Critical view of the family, oppress women, unequal division of labour, domestic violence against women and gender equality
    • Liberal Feminists
      • Recognise the changes and achievements made by women e.g. Sex DiscriminationAct
      • Believe we are moving towards greater equality - Gradual progress
      • Roles are shared more
      • The way parents socialise their sons and daughters is more equal that in the past - Similar aspirations for sons and daughters
      • Criticism of Liberal by Radical Feminists - Fail to challenge the underlying causes of women's oppression and for believing that changes in the law or attitudes will be enough to bring equality
    • Marxist Feminists
      • Main problem is capitalism
      • Women reproduce the labour force - Unpaid domestic work and socialising next generation of workers
      • Women absorb anger: Fran Ansley - 'Women are takers of ****'
      • Women are a 'reserve army' of cheap labour, take on extra work when they are needed
    • Radical Feminists
      • Argue that all societies have been founded on patriarchy and that the key division in society is between men and women
      • Men are the enemy and the source of women's oppression, the family and marriage are the key institutions
      • Men benefit from women's unpaid domestic labour and sexual services
      • They dominate women through domestic or sexual violence, or the threat of it
      • The patriarchal system needs to be overturned, they argue the only way to do this is through seperation
      • Political lesbianism - Heterosexual relationships are like sleeping 'with the enemy'
      • Germaine Greer  - Creation of all female households
      • Criticism of  radical by liberal feminists - Jenny Sommerville: Fail to recognise that women's position has improved greatly  - Better access to divorce, jobs etc.Seperation is unlikely to work, women have yet to achieve full equality


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