Functionalist view of roles in the family

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  • Functionalism
    • explain the roles, relationships and responsbilities in the family as how they are because they are functional ...
      • ... both for society and for the individuals within it
      • e.g. partners have sexual fulfillment from each other and the emotial attatchment that goes with the family together as a unit
    • family
      • needs to socialise their children into the culture of their society
      • someone needs to work to earn money
      • present an overly harmonious picture of the family
        • that parents care for each other and children conform to norms
      • ignore the dysfunctions of families
        • negative aspects
          • "dark side of the family" - conflict and violence
      • as families change it becomes more difficult to understand family roles and relationships from a functionalist point of view
        • does not allow for diversity within families
      • feminists are critical
        • Untitled
    • Roles
      • fathers
        • best suited to instrumental role
        • breadwinner
      • mothers
        • naturally inclined to an expressive role
        • childrearing
    • Parsons
      • adult personalities are stabilised by the family
      • "warm bath theory"


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