Feminist view on inequality

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  • Feminist view on inequality
    • Their main concern is looking at the importance of ideology in patriarchy and male dominance
    • DE BEAUVOIR - argued that power of social influence, stereotyping and oppression - myth making and femininity is seen as deviant from norm
    • Liberal
      • equal rights to freedom is a M.o.P
      • Through gradual reform in society and cultural change
      • They offer realistic solutions.
      • Rad and Marx say argue not revolutionary, fails for structural change
      • Overcome ignorance and prejudice
    • Radical
      • patriarchy is universal
      • Unpaid labour and sexual services (private) and satisfying male desires (passive sex objects)
      • Marxist would say class is key form,
      • Attention to domestic violence and ****
      • SOMERVILLE - argues heterosexual attraction makes it hard for nuclear to be replace
    • Marxist
      • Cheap labour and reserve army of labour force,
      • Ansley - said "takers of ****" as exploited consumers and production on next labour force
      • better at structural cause than libs
      • why still exploited in non -  capitalist society?
    • Subordination
      • Legal  and social structures =  socialised from birth to accept EG pay gap, lack of position
        • Girls do better at school but status after is lower
      • Doctrines of gender - dominant ideology in family.
        • New Right say nuclear is best for socialisation, laws govern right for abortion ETC
        • HEARN - range of act of oppression at home but justified by male control
      • Economic control - equal pay act = 1970 female skills and segregation of female work
        • Marx fem say route to devalue female skills
        • exposes risk of poverty as unequal access.
      • Symbolic Violence - ideas and values being of daily life,
        • LEES - offers EG way **** victims are blamed - drunk, way they dress
        • Untitled
    • Distributions
      • AGE = different experiences of old age - victims of poverty, depend on men
        • PILCHER - difference of age are blurring and domain of young
      • CLASS - not fully adressed - Libsay economic explanations Rad (DWORKIN) say gender class
      • GENDER - main issues is patriarchy - cheap unpaid labour
      • ETHNIC - black fem say male domination
    • Contribution to position of women is good BUT too much focus on gender  - can't test empirically


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