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A small table to refer to on the subject of feminism. Contains Marxist Feminists, Radical, Liberal and Black. It's seperated into the headings of Key Writers, Basic Assumptions, Strengths and Weaknesses and looks good with added colour.

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Main Theories Marxist Feminist Radical Feminist Liberal Feminist Black Feminist
Marxist Feminists refer to Pilcher (1993) Trowler (1991) Pilcher (1993)
Key Writers the work of Marx for the Firestone (1974) Bernard (1982) Heaton and Lawson
bases of their theory. Abbott and Wallace (1990) Marsden (1995) (1996)
They also refer to…

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Compatible with
political beliefs.
Fails to explain Fails to recognize Represents the Stresses the
Weaknesses why it is women the ways in which white, middle differences that
and not men that women are class female. could create
are exploited. sub-ordinate. Radical divides within a
Little emphasis on Assumes women…


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