feminist view of gender inequality

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  • Feminist view of gender inequality
    • Liberal Feminists
      • Gender roles are socially constructed through the family, education and media
      • Socialisation or sex-role conditioning leads to gender inequalities
        • Women are socialised into passive or subordinate roles and men into dominant ones
        • Oakley  argues a process of manipulation and canalisation socialises children into specific gender roles
      • Kelly 1987- teachers and careers advisors share the view that women and girls will be good at certain subjects and occupations
      • Oakley- argues the dominant patiarchal idegoloy means women are perciveed was wives and mothers and therefore as secondary in the job market
        • Does not take account of structural constraints women face in the workplace or of their class and ethnicity
        • Assumes socialisation is a passive process and both men and women accept what they are told
        • Criticised by other feminists for working within the patriarchal system rather than challenging it
    • Marxist Feminists
      • Women's oppression is linked to Capitalism
      • Women are exploited by Capitalism at work and at home
      • Ansley 1972- women absorb the frustration and anger of husbands who are themselves exploited at work
      • Women are encouraged by the patriarchal society to believe the system is fair
      • At work they are paid less and form the reserve army of labour- they are more likely to be part time/casual and not members of a union= easier to let them go
      • Sexism as well as racism keeps the working class divided
      • Doyal argues the NHS serves the needs of Capitalism by ensuring a healthy workforce
      • Changes will only take place if men and women work together
        • The reserve army of labour theory fails to explain gendered nature of jobs
        • Radical feminists argue that Marxist feminists pay too little attention to patriarchy
        • Black feminists argue that marxist feminists tend to ignore minority ethnic groups
    • Radical Feminism
      • Argue patriarchy is the oldest oppression, men exploit and oppress women
      • The family is the main source of this oppression and some argue that all female households are the better option
      • Education contributes to patriarchal ideology by reflecting a masculine view of the world through the presentation of subjects and teacher behaviour towards men and women
      • Enhrenreich and English 1978- argue that medicine has historically controlled women
      • Argue male domination in society means women are oppressed and subjected to violence in the home and on the streets
        • Marxist feminists say it is not realistic for radical feminists to suggest not all women share the same experience- the labour market experiences of middle class women and WC women are very different
        • Radical feminists ignore the progress made
        • Accused of ignoring divisions between women in relation to ethnicity and class


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