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  • Feminism
    • Sylvia Walby
      • Domestic labour serves men
      • Paid work- women are still bound by traditional values
      • The state promotes and ideological image of the family that is patricarchal
      • Physical Violence by men often occurs in the home
      • Women and girls sexuality are limited and controlled by the family more than mens
      • The media presents a highly ideological image of women's family roles
    • Suffragettes
      • Campaigning for the vote
      • Bringing about equality
    • Marxist Feminism
      • Margret Benson
        • Unpaid labour done by women supports capitalism
        • Man supporting family cant stop working
      • Fran Ansley
        • Warm Bath Theory (Parsons)
        • "women are the takers of ****"
        • Wife's emotional support= safety valve
      • Evaluation
        • Makes big generalizations
        • Presumes nuclear family
        • Women do fight back
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Jenny Sommerville
        • Many men don't take on responsibilities put improved social position= women can "show these men the door"
        • Need greater equality in relationships
        • Help women cope with everyday life
        • Working hours more compatible with family life
      • Recognizes changes
      • Suggests ways to  make feminism more appealing to women
      • Studies not backed up with research
    • Radical Feminism
      • Solution
        • Men give up their patriarchy
        • Women exist without men
        • Political lesbianism
        • Matrimonial households- sperates
        • Abolish nuclear family
      • Men= the enemy
        • Exploit women
        • ****/ sexual assult
        • 3/4 divorces applied for by women
        • Motherhood is devalued by society
      • Andrea Dworkin
        • "Marriage is an institution based on **** as a practice"
      • Germaine Greer
        • Men benefit more from marriage than women
        • Increase in divorce- women are unhappy
        • "Mother is not a career option"
        • Suggests segregation of the sexes
      • Evaulation
        • Proactive- makes important points about position of women
        • Sweeping generalizations
        • Doesn't acknowledge progress
        • Doesn't suggest practical ideas to improve womens lives
    • Difference/Post- Structual
      • We cannot generalize
      • Other theories- heterosexual in nuclear families
      • Black feminists- racial oppression (family offers support and resistance)


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