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  • Feminism
    • Women are oppressed by men
      • Society is patriarchal and things are done in men's best interests.
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Wants equal rights and opportunities for women.
      • Introducing more opportunities for women into the existing structure is the best way to try to bring about equality.
    • Marxist Feminism
      • Combine the beliefs of Marxists and Feminists
      • Women are exploited by the capitalist society, which is run by men
    • Radical Feminism
      • Society is structured to oppress women, and that society itself needs to change
      • There's an imbalance of power in all relationships, and that all women are always expected to be subservient to men
    • Feminists Don't Agree with Each Other
      • Radical feminists criticise liberal feminists for not accepting that it's more than just institutions that are patriarchal - it's all relationships
        • Families have a male dominated structure too


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