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    • Types of Feminism
      • Liberal Feminism
        • look to seek equal rights for women and believe individuals should be treated according to their independednt merits
          • dont blame capitalism/men for unequal treatment of women - believe laws e.g. Sex Discrimination Act making it easier for women
        • Research
          • Sommerville (2000)
            • radical feminists ignore progress made by women. As women get remarried after divorce they want relationships with men
      • Marixst Feminism
        • look at how women are exploited in a capitalist society by men
        • Research
          • Ansley (1972)
            • the emotional support that wives provide helps to support husbands frustration which comes from stress of working in a capitalist system
            • women are 'the takers of ****'
          • Veronica Beechey |(1977)
            • believes housewives carry out 2 funtions
              • 1) to provide care for current & future workers
              • 2) to be a cheap reserve army of labour
      • Radical Feminism
        • stress the main enemy of women is patriarchy, main intention is to release women from patriarchy
        • Research
          • Delphy and Leonard (1992)
            • family role maintains patriarchy, family is an economic system whereby men benefit at the expense of women
    • Feminism and the Family
      • feminists who research family focus on housework and domestic violence
        • also looked at contribution to the economy that women make by doing things e.g. domestic labou
      • also looked at contribution to the economy that women make by doing things e.g. domestic labou
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • legal changes that have benefited women due to feminism
        • legislation changes then led to changes in culture
        • more women have broken through the 'glass ceiling'
      • Weaknesses
        • post-modernists suggest some feminists don't realise how much has changed
        • functionalism criticise feminists for ignoring positives of family life
        • ignoring examples where men are victims of domestic abuse
        • some women are far too radical in ideas and want to harm men
    • Gender Difference
      • highlighted in the way female bodies are used and treated within advertising
    • Social Inequalities
      • women are concentrated within low pay, low status work, limiting economic power - lead to a dependency on men
    • What is Feminism?
      • aims to explain h subordinate position in society
      • different types of feminists - in general believe women are exploited
      • believe society is patriarchal
    • Gender Inequalities
      • men dominate key institutions of society and are reluctant to lose dominance
        • violence ir fear of violence controls women. Evidence that women are exploited and abused by men
        • 191 out of 649 MPs are Female


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