Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding

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  • Feeding a Baby
    • Breast Feeding
      • Disadvantag-es
        • The mother doesn't know how much the baby has been fed
        • Doesn't let anyone else feed the baby and get close to the child
        • The mother is the only one who has to get up at night to feed the baby
        • May feel uncomfortable and embarrassed breast feeding in public
        • In rare cases a mother may not be able to produce enough milk for the baby
      • Advantages
        • May help a child's mental development
        • Provides protection against ceratin health conditions
        • Protects the baby from illnesses
        • Gives the mother and baby a stronger bond
        • Helps the mother to regain her shape
        • It's easier for the baby to digest
        • It's specially made for the baby
        • Breast milk is the perfect temperature for the baby
        • Cheaper


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