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  • Contraception
    • Barrier Method
      • Male Condom- 98%
        • Stops sperm coming into contact with the egg.
        • Protects against STIs, Easy to get/buy.
        • Can Split, Interrupt Sex to use.
      • Female Condom- 95%
        • Put inside the Vagina to prevent the sperm coming into contact with the egg.
        • Protects against STIs.
        • More expensive that Male Condoms, Can be pushed too far into the Vagina.
      • Diaphragm or Cap- 92%
        • Dome Shaped piece of Latex that covers the Cervix.
        • Must be used alongside spermicidal gel/cream, which kills sperm.
        • Reusable, Can be inserted in advance, Helps prevent some STIs.
        • Women have difficulty learning to use it.
    • Hormonal
      • Combined Pill- 99%
        • Tablet containing Progesterone and Oestrogen which then prevent the sperm reaching the egg.
        • Helps with Painful/Heavy Periods, May protect against cancer in the womb and colon, Doesn't interrupt sex.
        • Has multiple side effects that may include mood swings, headaches and high blood pressure.
      • Progesterone Only Pill- 99%
        • Tablet containing Progesterone to prevent the sperm reaching the egg.
        • Can stop Ovulation, Irregular Periods, Side effects include; Spot Prone Skin and Tender Breasts
        • Doesn't interrupt sex.
      • IUD and IUS- 99%
        • Small T-Shaped Plastic Device that releases the Progesterone hormone into the Womb.
        • Lasts 3-5 Years, Lighter/Less Painful Periods
        • Side effect may include Mood Swings, Skin Problems and Breast Tenderness. Can get an infection when it's implanted.
      • Contraceptive Injection- 99%
        • Women receives an injection every 12 weeks. Works by causing the mucus in the cervix to thicken so the sperm can't reach the egg.
        • Can protect against some Cancers and Infections, doesn't interrupt sex.
        • Side Effects include headaches, weight gain and mood swings. Can take a year to become fertile again.
      • Contraceptive Patch- 99%
        • Patch worn on the skin, introduces hormones into the body which thickens the mucus in the cervix to prevent the sperm reaching egg.
        • Can protect against some cancers and infections. Still effective if the woman vomits. Doesn't interrupt sex.
        • Side effects include headaches and raised blood pressure, Must be changed every week.
      • Contraceptive Implant- 99%
        • Small flexible tube in the woman's arm. It releases progesterone to stop the cervix releasing an egg.
        • Lasts for 3 years.
        • Some Medicines make it ineffective, side effects include swelling, tenderness and bruising, Can change periods.
    • Natural
      • Family Planning- 98%
        • A woman records her symptoms usually through an app to find out when she is fertile/infertile, she then knows when she can have sex without conceiving.
        • No Side Effects, No Costs and Compatible with all faiths/beliefs.
        • Can take time before becoming accurate and has no protection against STIs.
    • Emergency Contraception Pill- 98-52%
      • A woman can take the pill after having unprotected sex or if she knows the form of contraception has failed.
      • Has to be taken with 24 hours to be 98% effective.


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