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  • Kohlberg
    • Pre-conventional Morality
      • Obedience and Punishment Orientation
        • The child is rewarded for being good
          • The child is good to avoid punichment
        • The child is punished for being bad
          • The child is good to avoid punichment
      • Individualism and Exchange
        • Children realise there is not just one right view
        • Different individuals have different viewpoints
    • Conventional Morality
      • Good Inter-personal relationships
        • The child is good so other people see them as good
        • They behave to gain the approval of others
      • Maintaining the social order
        • The child becomes aware of the wider rules of society
        • Obeys rules to uphold the law and avoid guilt
    • Post Conventional Morality
      • Social Contract and individual rights
        • The child becomes aware that rules/laws exist for the good of the population
        • The child realises that the rules/law may at times work against an individual
      • Universal Principles
        • People at this stage has developed their own set of moral guidelines which may or may not fit the law
        • The person will be willing to fight for their views even if it means going against society


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