Fascist Key Thinkers

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    • MUSSOLNI (created Fascism)
      • Fascism was a reaction against the chaos of pluralist democracy and the growth of socialism/communism
      • Theory of the State: the state could represent the collective identity and "will of the people"
      • Main purpose of Italian Fascism/state was to become an imperial power, repeating and copying the glories of the Roman Empire.
    • GENTILE (philosophical Father)
      • Developed the idea of society which could be utterly unifed with no division & class destructions, allowing control over the states' collective telos.
      • Expanded the idea of the perfect Fascist leader, who exhibits superior qualities and is excessively masculine, dynamic, self-sacrificing and telos of the state.
      • Commented that the state and the leader should effectvely be the same thing - opposition to the leader is opposition to the state.
    • ROSENBERG (philosopher of the Nazi movement)
      • The pursuit of racial purity and supority had replaced religion in its ability to inspire men to great ideals.
      • Lebensraum - if people could demonstrate superior qualitie, they were justified in taking over land occupied by inferior peoples.
      • Fascists are pragmatic and resist being bound by rigid social theories of the one that he promoted.
    • HITLER
      • Anti-semetic, totalitatian and militaristic leader.
      • Despised democracy, liberalism and intellectualiism - a betrayal of collective identity
      • People needed the "creative will" understanding and will to action of the leader.


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