International Relations

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  • Failures of the League in 1930s
    • Manchuria
      • China appeals to League over Japanese invasion of Manchuria (1931)
      • League orders Japan to withdraw
      • Japan ignores League
      • Japan completes conquest of Manchuria, renaming it Manchukoo
      • League sets up Lytton Commission - its 1932 report condemns Japan
      • Japan ignores the report and leaves the League (1933)
    • Abyssinia
      • Abyssinia appeals to League over Italian invasion
      • League imposes sanctions on Italy, but does not include vital war materials
      • Leak of Hoare-Laval plan shows that Britain and France will not take firm action against Italy
      • Italy completes conquest of Abyssinia, May 1936
      • Haile Selassie protests in person to the League Assembly, June 1936
    • The credibility of the League is destroyed by its failure to act decisively against aggressors


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