Failure to reah settlement 1649-53

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  • Failure to reach political settlement 1649-53
    • Attitude of OPE towards republic
      • Major prob for all repub govs until 1653
      • Many withdrew in horror following death of C, attitudes heightened by Oath of engagement (1650)
        • Many only took it once modified
        • Popularity of ''Eikon Basillike'' highlights wish to return to trad forms of gov
      • However, although few supported repub few wished to risk lives/ property taking army on- army able to preserve repub
        • 1650-1 CII gained little support when used Covenanters to retake throne- OPE accept repub
      • 1650-1 CII gained little support when used Covenanters to retake throne- OPE accept repub
    • Failure of Rump to provide settlement
      • Reg/ political radical groups saw as opp to establish GR and political freedom.
        • Rump conservative, reintroduced press censorship, crushed leveller risings
      • Few reforms- only 1 legal change despite recommendations of Hale commission- 2 reg reforms not enough to satisfy reg sects in army.
      • Until 1653 repub had to fight off threats- IRE, Scot, Dutch, day2day pressures of gov and army involved n military campaigns
        • Threats now eliminated, Army free to focus on aims
          • Army increasingly disillusioned, key reason for pressuring Crom to expel it (April 1653) when R electing for new assembly, army would have no control- possible election of anti-army MPs
    • Failure of Nominated Assembly
      • Satisfied reg sects demands common in army, attempt to establish GR- senior officers ensure was done within framwork
      • Majority sitting chosen by army, not radical sects
      • Some worthwhile reforms- abolition of imprisonment for debt
      • Late 1653, dominated by extremist majority- porposed abolition of tithes
        • Seen as attack of property rights and would lead to abolition of church
        • Proposed mosaic law- terrified OPE feared NA promoting social revolution
      • Senior officers- felt was destroying chances of GR, drifting to anarchy
    • Role of Cromwell
      • Two mutually exclusive aims- H/S, reconciliation with OPE and GR and reg lib.
      • Tried to achieved both aims, attempt to establish permenant settlement doomed to failure- any attempt to win support of OPE would mean abandoning GR
      • April 1653- expelled rump for lack of GR, yet had encouraged conservative mps to return to rump


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