Factors that affect involvement in sport

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  • Factors that affect involvement in sport
    • People
      • Tend to do same sports as friends/family
      • Children tend to follow their parents (follow same teams/sports)
      • People of the same age encourages participation
      • Role models inspire you to take up that sport
    • Image
      • Special equipment of the sport (fashion) e.g. costumes. Can be expensive though.
      • Media coverage can increase popularity of sports
    • Cultural factors
      • Resources, availability, accessibility and opportunities for disabled people
    • Resources
      • Availability for people to partake in sport
      • Location of facilities
      • Accessibly by foot or bike, if not then public transport should be available
      • Time the facilities are opened e.g. holidays, weekends for students
    • Health and wellbeing
      • Illness and health problems may hold people back from doing certain sports
    • Socio-economic
      • The cost of some sports for equipment, facilities, lessons etc may be too great
      • Starus- not everyone will have time due to position in society or persons current situation. May also affect what sports they follow


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