Factors that determine the success of pressure groups

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  • Factors that determine the success of pressure groups
    • Money
      • 90% of Labour funds come from Trade Unions
      • More than half of Conservative Party funds from London and from firms - £42m under Cameron - 50.8% funds from firms
      • If a pressure group is campaigning for NHS funds, they may donate to Labour for example. Can also be used to advertise and promote their cause
    • Public support
      • In 2000 the Fuel Tax protestors forced Gordon Brown to lower the level of petrol duty due to criticism from different pressure groups
      • 1997 - snowdrop campaign gained support and govt legislation to ban hand-guns
      • NUS demonstrations of over 1 Million people in London 2010-11 for students fees to be reduced, they were trippled
    • Media attention
      • PETA often in media over fur protests (eg lying down in public without clothes to protest fur) gained lots of momentum - fur now seen as a bad thing to the majority of people
      • Media can spread a message - protest gains momentum, goes to parliament
    • Factors which limit success
      • Govt can be hostile - eg Conservatives + student fees
      • Hostile public opinion - Muslim group who protested Afghan war met with widespread public hostility
      • Lack of finance - in recent years environmental groups have seen their income fall, recession = less donations
      • Lack of members - volunteers need to spread messages to a wider audience
      • Opposition groups - one may be stronger than the other - eg. Countryside Alliance vs the League against cruel sports


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