Factors Affecting Eyewitness Testimony - Misleading Information

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  • Factors Affecting Eyewitness Testimony - Misleading Information
    • Post-Event Discussion
      • When co-witnesses discuss a crime their eye-witness testimonies can become contaminated
      • 71% recalled aspects they hadn't seen as opposed to 0% of control group
      • Witnesses go along with each other to win social approval/they believe they're wrong (memory conformity)
      • Gabbert studied participants who watched different angles of the same crime video then discussed
    • Leading Questions
      • Why Leading Questions Affect EWT
        • Substitution Explanation - wording actually changes participants memory, those who heard smashed were more likely to falsely remember broken glass
        • Response Bias Explanation - question wording doesn't affect memories just influences answer
      • Loftus/Palmer showed participants car accident clips and questioned them with a leading question
      • Used 5 different verbs - hit, contacted, bumped, collided, smashed
      • Mean estimated speed for contacted = 31.8mph, smashed = 40.5mps


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