Factors Affecting Eyewitness Testimony - Misleading Information Evaluation

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  • Factors Affecting Eyewitness Testimony - Misleading Information Evaulation
    • Individual Differences
      • Older people are less accurate when giving eyewitness reports
      • Anastasi/ Rhodes found 18-25 and 25-45 year olds more accurate than 55-78 year olds
      • Own Age Bias = more accurate when identifying those of their own age group
    • Artificial Tasks
      • Loftus/Palmer used film clips so no real stress
      • Emotions can influence memory - anxiety
      • Can't be generalised to real accidents/ crimes
    • Consequences of EWT
      • Foster pointed out there are no consequences in research studies unlike real life
    • Useful real-life application
      • Loftus believes leading questions can sway eyewitnesses when police question them
      • Pychologists believe they can improve how legal system works
    • Demand Character-istics
      • Zaragosa/ McCloskey say many lab answers are due to demand characteristics as participants don't want to let researcher down
      • Will answer yes to appear helpful


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