F325 - Rates

Mindmap of Edexcel Chemistry A2 - F325

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  • Rates
    • Increasing concentration = More frequent collisions = Increased Rate
      • Concentration Time Graphs
        • A straight horizontal line is Zero Order
        • Upward sloping curve is 2nd Order
    • Interpreting Graphs
      • the steeper the curve, the faster the rate
      • reactions slow down with time
      • Concentration of Reactants decreases as Concentration of Products increases
      • Rate of Change is the gradient of the curve
      • The gradient at the start is initial rate
    • Rate Determining Step
      • The slowest step is the rate determining step
        • To make more profit, increase the [] of substance in the slow step
      • The reactants used in the 1st step of a mecahnism are the only ones used in the rate equation
    • moldm-3/s-1


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