Extracting metals from their ores

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  • Extracting Metals From Their Ores
    • The ore must contain enough metal to make extraction worthwile
      • It's expensive
    • Reduction by carbon
      • Chemically
      • Only metals below carbon in the reactivity series can be extracted by reduction by carbon
        • Carbon can only take oxygen from metals less reactive than itself
        • Oxidised = oxygen added
        • Reduced = oxygen taken away
    • Electrolysis
      • If the metal is more reactive than carbon it's extracted using electrolysis
      • More expensive than reduction by carbon
        • Uses lots of energy
      • Means "Splitting up with electricity"
      • Requires a liquid
    • Impacts of extracting metals
      • Advantages
        • Useful products can be made
        • Provides locals with jobs and money
        • Services (like roads and hospitals) can be improved
      • Disadvantages
        • Noisy
        • Destroys wildlife and habitats
        • Can be dangerous
    • Extracting copper using a displacement reaction
      • If the copper is more reactive than the other metal it will replace the less reactive metal
      • Copper sulphate + iron --> Iron sulphate + copper


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