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  • exposure
    • but nothing happens
      • to emphasise Owen’s belief that this war is futile
      • The phrase is ironic. Though the soldiers feel that nothing is happening in reality they are slowly but surely dying.
      • war involves more waiting than fighting. During these periods of inactivity morale drops.
    • the soilders are being exposed to the weather
      • "merciless iced east winds that        knive us"
        • additional opponent for the soldiers.
        • The personification of the wind suggests that the weather is like a deliberately vicious and inescapable enemy
        • The men are faced with double peril; enemy soldiers and the risk of hypothermia from exposure.
    • "what are we doing here? "
      • reinforces the feeling of boredom and anxious anticipation of the soldiers.
      • rhetorical questions
      • give a feeling of incompleteness and unease as it leaves unanswered questions.
    • like twitching agonies of men among its brambles
      • They cannot escape the war. like brambles are hard to escape
      • Use of  a simile
      • The imagery of men struggling with the ‘brambles’ — a tough, prickly, wild shrub — gives the reader an idea of the conditions and how appalling war is


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