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  • Exposure
    • Story
      • personas experience of war and the struggles with it
    • Purpose
      • to Inform people about the other side of war not the obvious ones
    • Emotion
      • Sorry
      • sadness
      • Mournful
    • Language
      • 'ache', 'wearied', 'confused', 'worried', 'curious', 'nervous'
        • Emphasis how the soldier feel
      • 'ranks of grey'
        • The grey of the clouds
        • Colour of the German uniforms
      • 'snow-dazed'/'sun-dozed'
        • Shows they are barely conscious
      • 'on us the doors are closed'
        • They have returned from their reminiscence to reality
    • Layout
      • Constant number of lines in each stanza
      • Mirrors whats going on in their lives
      • The constant exposure to harsh weather and living conditions
    • Techniques
      • 'Like a dull rumor of some other war'
        • suggests that the sound of gunfire has become so constant, they barely notice it


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