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  • exposure
    • emotion
      • sorry
      • mournful
      • sadness
    • language
      • "snow dazed"-"sun dosed"
        • shows they are barley conscious
      • "ranks of grey"
        • color of the German uniforms
        • the grey of the clouds
      • "ache" "wearied" "confused" "worried" "curious" "nervous"
        • emphasis how the soldiers feel
      • "on us the doors are closed"
        • they have returned to reality
    • purpose
      • to inform people about the other side of war not the obvious
    • techniques
    • layout
      • constant number lines in each stanza
      • mirrors whats going on in their lives
      • the constant exposure to hard weather and living conditions
    • story
      • the narrators experience of war and the struggle of it


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