Explanations of abnormal effect

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  • Explanations for depression
    • Genetic
      • 46% concordance rate in MZ twins- MC Guffin
      • Genotype, passed down from our parents.
    • Cognitive
      • Beck  three factors: negative view of self, negative view of world, negative view  future. Stuck in a cycle.
      • negative self schemas, made in childhood, all new information become negative due to negative experiences
    • Learned helplessness
      • Selgiman- dog study, giving electric shocks when they can not escape means they will not escape even when they can.
      • When given negative information they tend to feel it will not change.
    • Biochemical
      • Serotine and adrenaline. Low levels
      • Davidson and Neale- certain drugs block re-uptake of neurotransmitters, so more are used in postsynaptic neuron


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