Comparison of Approaches - Explanation and treatment of abnormal/atypical behaviour

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  • Comparison of Approaches: Explanation and treatment of abnormal/atypical behaviour
    • Behaviourist model sees abnormality as arising from maladaptive or faulty learning in the sense that inappropriate or destructive patterns of behaviour have been reinforced.
    • Behaviour therapies - such as SD have been applied successfully to treatment of phobias.
    • Humanistic Therapy - effective. Based on Rogers philosophy that closing the gap between the self concept and ideal self will stimulate personal growth
    • Cog Therapy - more effective. Aims to identify and eradicate faulty thinking assumed to be the root cause of maladaptive behaviour
  • SLT - has little application to treatment but principles of modelling and observational learning have been used to explain how negative behaviours may be learned through dysfunctional role models.
  • Psychoanalysis - Freud saw anxiety disorders emerging from unconscious conflict, childhood trauma and overuse of defence mechanisms. Has some success as a therapy but not appropriate for everyone because it requires considerable input from the patient
  • Biological approach - has revolutionised the treatment of mental disorders through development of drug therapy which regulates chemical imbalances in the brain.


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