Explain the term ‘paternalistic conservatism’. (10 marks)

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  • Explain the term ‘paternalistic conservatism’. (10 marks)
    • developed in the 19th century
      • Closely associated with One-Nation conservatism
        • Which was Founded by Benjamin Disraeli
    • The relationship of those who govern to the governed is compared to that of father andchildren
      • Many conservatives would view this as being positive, given that paternalistic rulers normally have the best interests of the people at heart, just as parents care for their children.
    • The role of the ruling elite is to provide for the needs of the governed
      • a power derived from  their authority and superiority
      • In such situations the rulers believe that they understand what is best for the people to a greater extent than the people do themselves.
    • modern political life such paternalism has largely been rejected in favour of popular democracy
      • whereby the people have a major input into the decisions which affect them.


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