Expansion, Conquest, Trade, and Pilgrimages

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  • Expansion, Conquest, Trade, and Pilgrimage.
    • Trading
      • The Maritime States supported an extensive trading system across the Mediterranean Sea. The Maritime states included Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Ragusa and Amalfi. Their Large fleets aided the Crusaders. The States took advantage of the trading opportunities.
    • Battle of Harran (1104)
      • Harran was a town that is to the south west of Edessa. Baldwin II of Edessa launched the attack with help from Antioch. Harran was the first major battle for the crusaders after the Crusader States were formed. the battle had a disastrous effect on Antioch as the Turks regained land they had previously lost.
    • Venetian Crusade (1122-1124)
      • The Venetian Crusade was an expedition launched from Venice which successfully captured Tyre.
      • Through raids on the Byzantine empire, the Venetian state was able to extend their trade privileges with them.
    • Crusade of the Faint Hearted
      • Crusade of 1101 was a minor Crusade separated into three movements between 1100-1101.
      • It was called the Crusade of the Fainthearted because it consisted of mostly deserters from the First Crusade.
      • The Crusade was called after Jerusalem called for  reinforcements and Pope Paschal urged people to rejoin the Crusade.
    • Pilgrimages
      • Pilgrimages to the East from the West increased after the First Crusade because it became much safer to travel. Military orders such as the knights Templar were formed to protect Pilgrims travelling.
    • Norwegian Crusade
      • The Norwegian Crusade was lead by the Norwegian King, Sigard I. It lasted from 1007-1110. Sigard was the first Scandinavian King to go on Crusade to the Holy Land.
      • They did not lose a single battle in the Middle East. The Norwegians stopped off in Britain for the Winter and continued and continued on in 1109 after fighting some pirates.
      • When they arrived in Jerusalem they were gifted  and then they proceeded to attack Sidon and form the Lordship of Sidon.


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