ex situ conservation in Botanic Gardens

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  • ex situ Conservation in Botanic Gardens
    • Seeds (the naturally dormant stage of the plant life cycle) can be collected from the wild with little ecosystem disturbance as they are produced in large numbers. However there is always some disturbance
    • Seeds are easily stored in little space and can be germinated in protected surroundings
    • Plants are bred asexually
    • Numbers of individual plants may rise quickly due to techniques such as tissue culture
    • The plants are researched on and reintroduced into the wild
    • Public perception mands that fewer people may sponser a botanic gardens work
    • Genetic diversity may be affected if the collected samples have low variation and also asexual reproduction produces idential plants, reducing it further
    • Seeds from one area may be genetically different to those collected elsewhere and may not thrive in a different area
    • Seeds stored too long may not be viable
    • Conclusions based on small plant samples may be invalid for rest of species


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