Biodiversity and conservation

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  • Biodiversity and conservation
    • maintaining biodiversity
      • economic: products derived from plants and animals may be traded on local or global scale
      • ecological: we should conserve species because it is the right thing to do, species have the right to exist
      • asthetic: because it brings joy to many people and makes more areas pleasant and attractive
      • aggricultural: our food comes from plants, could save us from a natural famine disaster, and you can get new varieties from cross breeding and pollinators needed for growth
      • social: osome plants are needed for medical resource, and some that are not discovered now may be of use later
    • in-situ conservation
      • Eg natural parks,
      • controlling species that threaten the biodiversity,
      • protecting endangered species
      • promoting particular species,
      • restoring damaged area,
      • protecting habitats,
      • Advantages- larger populations protected, less distruptiv
      • disadvantages- cant controll poaching, predators or climate change
    • Ex-Situ conservation
      • Eg relocation conservation (zoo) botanical gardens, seed banks
      • advantages- protect individual animals so direct care, competition reduced, health and disease monitored
      • Disadvantages- small scale, expensive, less usccessful


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