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Humans, conservation and the
future…read more

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When a large number of species have suddenly
become extinct it is called mass extinctions.
· We are causing extinction by
· Deforestation
· Taking more land for homes
· Predate species for food and other recourses
· Introduce alien species into areas where they
outcompete native species.
· Spread diseases…read more

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Impacts of climate change
· Warmer winters and earlier springs.
· More extreme weather conditions such as
floods and droughts.
· Species are now being found further north.…read more

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Importance of biodiversity
· Ethical reasons.
· Aesthetic reasons. Gain happiness from
biodiversity, people are happier in a forest
then a town.
· New drugs are being discovered.
· For farming. In the future we will want to
develop animal breeds that are more
successful in different conditions.…read more

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· Attempts to maintain or increase biodiversity
· Ex situ- not in the place where the animal
normally lives.
· in situ- the place where the animal normally
lives.…read more

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· Convention on international trade in endangered
species of wild fauna and flora.
· It's made up of three appendices.
1. Lists species that are supposed to be the most
2. Species that are not necessarily threatened with
extinction now but that may do so in the future
unless trade is strictly controlled.
3. Species where there is regulated international trade.
· When something needs to be done that will affect
wildlife, a environmental impact assessment has to
be completed.…read more

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