"Suffering is a major problem for a religious belief but there are solutions" Examine this claim with reference to two solutions

Mindmap/ Essay plan looking at the problem of evil and suffering for a religious believer.

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  • ''Suffering is a major problem for religious belief but there are solutions"
      • 1) Contests belief in existence of God
      • 2) problem for classical theistic concept
      • 3) J.L Mackie: inconsistent triad
      • 4) created world EX NIHILO: bears total responisbility for everything in it
        • 5) PROBLEM: did God create evil/suffering ?
          • B) suffering: result of natural & moral evil God created, know he created and hasnt tried to end
            • PROBLEM: NO FREE WILL
          • C) HUME: out of qualities of omnipotence, omnibenevolence & evil, only 2 can exist; therefore God= impotent or malicious
            • SOLUTION: no evil= no moral lessons + hedonistic paradise
              • PROBLEM: innocent suffering: people, child and animal suffering
                • IVAN KARAMAZOV rejects God on this basis
                  • God could have stopped holocaust, innocents don't deserve to suffer
                • JOB:  God allos to suffer so he can win a bet with the devil (who is not equal
          • A) OMNI's
            • OMNISCIENT: knows how to end suffering


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