Evidence that the gospel of mark was the first gospel to be written

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  • Evidence that the gospel of mark was the first gospel to be written
    • Markan priority
      • Both Luke and Matthew redacted mark's material
        • Luke and Matthew leave out these phrases
          • Adds strength to the arguement of markan priority as it s thought that jesus spoke in aramaic so the writer would be more confident and comfortable writting it.
      • This is seen as Matthew and Luke smooth out the rough edges of marks gospel
      • Of all the texts in the New Testament mark preserved the majority of the original Aramaic word and phrases of jesus
        • This adds strength to the argument of Markan Priority as if mark was the first gospel to be written the information would be fresher in the minds of the people and so therefore more likely to be accurate
      • Another supporting arguement for markan priority is the type of greek which mark writes in
        • The Greek which marks writes in is ungrammatical and switches from present and past tense.
          • This suggests the gospel writer was unfamiliar with Greek.This adds support as this shows that the spread of Christianity was in its infancy.
    • The disciples are superficially presented
      • The passion narratives are given great importance
      • A earthly portrait of jesus is presented
        • Mark shows human emotions of Jesus eg.describing him as angry.


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