Events Leading to Hitler's Rise to Power

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  • Events that led to Hitler's rise to power.
    • Reichstag Fire
      • It occurred 27 February 1933, after Hitler had become Chancellor.
      • It was believed to have been caused by the Communists because the person found had Communist flyers.
      • It could've been the work of a madman or the Nazis to try and get rid of the Communists by framing them for it.
      • Hitler called another election in March 1933, as the Communists were framed for the fire so were no longer competition. This meant the Nazis gained majority.
      • The Reichstag building burnt down and Hitler blamed the Communists for the fire. Marinus Van Der Lubbe was found in the building holding Communist flyers and was directly blamed for the fire.
    • Enabling Act
      • Hitler intimidated the Reichstag  and Hindenburg into receiving additional power.
      • It allowed Hitler to listen to phone conversations and read letters and have a say in newspaper articles.
      • Hitler published stories in the newspaper which harmed the political parties which meant he could get rid of the political parties and trade unions.
    • Night of the Long Knives
      • On 13 July 1933, Hitler told the Reichstag that Rohm had been arrested and shot because he was plotting to seize power.
      • Hitler wanted to get rid of Rohm and the SA because Rohm said, whilst drunk, that he would take over. Also because Rohm was gay which meant he could not contribute to Hitler's plans to repopulate Germany.
      • It occurred June 1933
      • Hitler amde any potential opponents of the Nazis either leave Germany or took them to special concentration camps run by the **. He anned any other political parties and executed over 400 people, including Rohm, whom Hitler felt were a threat to him.
      • It meant that Hitler could remove any opposition and helped him gain overall power.


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