Hitler To Power powerpoint

covering the elections and his final rise to power due to political manouvering. Also propoganda and goebells

+ a summary timeline and spider diagram

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Hitler to power 1930 -
how it happened...…read more

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· The Nazis had 30,000 members in 1929
(pre Wall St. Crash)
· After the Wall St. Crash (october 9th 1929)
and moving forward into the following
period the Nazi numbers swelled to over
440,000…read more

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· Into the great depression the Nazis gained
supporters rapidly
· This in it self was helpful in generating
more support for the Nazi party…read more

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· Many of the Nazi supporters were used similarly to
the SA (storm troopers formed 1921) - essentially as
a group of thugs to break up opponent meetings
and beet up Communists
· This was helpful to the Nazis because it gave the
public impression of lawlessness breaking out under
Weimar's weak control. Voters began to look
elsewhere (NAZIS) for the strong leadership the
wanted…read more

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· The Nazi uniforms and well organized political rallies
gave a feeling of order to the distressed German
public - promoting the Nazis popularity
· It also reminded the public of the `good old
days' with the ex Kaiser when military
prowess had more value (-the kaiser
abdicated in 1918)…read more

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· Hitler also promised to rid germany of the
treaty of versailles - this gained the suport
of many
· He also said he would solve
unemployment - a problem which at the
time was rapidly encroaching on the Ger.
Public welfare…read more

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