Evaluation Of Psychosexual Stages by Freud

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  • Evaluation of Psychosexual Stages Theory by Freud
    • Sample
      • Middle class, Viennese women
        • Not representative and therefore cannot generalise
    • Low in reliability
      • Each case study is unique
        • Cannot repeat and get the same results
      • Subjective
        • Cannot repeat and get the same results
    • High in Validity
      • Real cases
      • Qualitative data
        • Indepth
      • Tried to be objective
        • there is manifest and latent content in a dream
    • Low in Validity
      • Subjective
        • Researcher may be bias
    • Cannot be proven / unscientific
      • unconscious mind is an abstract concept
    • Application
      • Used to treat mental dissorders
        • access the unconscious mind through dream analysis
    • Supporting Studies
      • Little Hans
      • Fisher and Greenberg
        • Anal characteristics go together
      • Walker
        • Recall of unpleasant events was worse than pleasant events showing they may have been repressed
    • Challenging Studies
      • Hadley  and MacKay
        • Taboo words were recalled more than non-taboo words showing they weren't repressed


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