Psychodynamic Approach

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  • Psychodynamic Approach
    • Basic Assumption
      • unconscious mental processes are important
      • behavior, thought, and conscious mental processes are determined by unconscious mental processes
      • childhood development takes places through psychosexual stages
        • Phallic stage
        • Anal stage
        • Latent stage
        • Oral stage
        • Genital stage
      • the personality had 3 components
        • Ego
        • Id
        • Superego
    • Application
      • unconscious conflicts
      • Psychoanalysis of unconscious conflicts
        • can uncover unconscious thoughts e.g. through dream analysis
    • Evaluation
      • strengths
        • Freud recognised the importance of childhood experiences
        • recognises the complexity of human thought and behaviour
        • defense  mechanisms offer plausible explanations for everyday behaviour and experiences
        • reports of success leading to the developmentof other psychological therapies
      • Limitations
        • The unconscious  can't be tested
        • no scientific evidence
        • accused of male orientation
        • over-emphasis of the sexual instinct as a motivating factor
        • Freud accused of using his previous cases to fit his existing theory
    • Research Method
      • Individual case studies
    • Case studies
      • Little Hans
      • Rat Man


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