Freud - Psychology paper 2

Case Study - Little Hans 5year old boy



Case Study - Little Hans 5year old boy


  • Aim - Analysis for the purpose of his own research. Treat 'Little Hans' for his phobia. 
  • Description - Played with his penis(widdler) - Hans denied and said it was only in his dream  - repression. 
  • Dreamt about wiping childrens bottoms - pleasure from anal stage of psychosexual. 
  • Wanted his dad to leave - wanted to be with his mother. 
  • Phobia - white horses whould bite him - represents father, jealous of his penis.  
  • Conclusion - Freud believed - evidence for psychosexual stages and gender development.
  • Oedipus complex resolves Hans fantasising about having a bigger penis - wanted to be married to mother, his father the grandfather.
  • emphisises unconscious wishes and urges - phobias.
  • 'everyday fear' can hide unconscious motives. 
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Case Study Continued...

  • Evaluation Strengths - case sutdy method was appropriate as in depth data was needed.
  • used to treat phobias 
  • 'talking cure' 'listening cure' built upon from Freuds theories
  • Evaluation Weaknesses - Hans father relayed most of the information to Freud.
  • lost validity 
  • other explanations for fears of horses 
  • case study is only on one person - cant generalise 
  • subjective interpretation my be interpreted differently by others 
  • Frueds methods are not scientific because many concepts aren't tested ie: unconscious.  
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