Evaluation of Aristotles thoughts

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  • Evaluation of Aristotle's thoughts
    • Some criticise Aristotle for his rejection of Plato's views
      • Perhaps he should have been more willing to accept the possibility that we can gain knowledge through other means
        • As well as through the physical world (which is what A believed)
    • His belief that the universe must have a 'telos' is criticised
      • Dawkins claims that it makes no sense to talk of a 'purpose' for the Universe. It was all chance
      • The Universe just exists without any reason or purpose
    • The idea of a PM to start it all off is an unnecessarycomplication
      • It all happened from a blind chance
    • Theists object to the PM
      • Aristotle stated that he couldn't do anything
        • This goes against their beliefs
          • They don't think that God is irrelevant to the universe
            • Has no interaction with it
            • Unaffected by it
          • God of their own experience is different to the ones Aristotle described


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