AS: Philiosophy: Philosophy of Religion: Aristotle

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  • Aristotle
    • Background Imformation
      • Believed in knowledge through the senses as it is the way we come to understand things
      • Rejected Plato's idea of the Forms; believed the world was made of matter
      • Aristotle believed everything had a purpous or telos
        • All matter has potentiality to acquire it's final form
          • The potentiality of an object is actualised by motion
            • So everything is created by motion and change and aims to achieve it's telos .e.g. tadpol->frog
    • Aristotle's 4 Causes
      • Material Cause
        • What it is made out of
      • Formal Cause
        • What are it's characteristics; what gives the matter it's structure
      • Efficient Cause
        • How did it come into existence in it's current form
      • Final Cause
        • What is it's telos
    • Prime Mover
      • Characteristics
        • Necessary existance
        • Cannot change
        • Actuality by nature
        • Nature good as it does not need to change
        • Ultimate explanation as to why things exist
          • Final goal of movement
        • Immaterial being + exists only as a thought
        • Impersonal
    • Evaluation
      • Other explanations to universe's formation
      • The idea of purpose could have just been thought up by human creativity
      • Not clear if everything has a purpose
      • Prime mover may only be a way of thinking of something without a beginning
      • How does something immaterial act on something material?


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